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I use to believe that I loved fashion, until I discovered what the fashion industry was up too. However, I wasn’t about to give up on that I love about fashion, the color, the cuts and the cloth. Communicating and creating stories without saying a word.


What I learned is the power of branding, and how to style one’s image for the camera and media. One that is authentic and genuine while achieving a transformation you can be proud to publicize.


I specialize in branding your professional and personal image to match up with the person you are becoming or the one you have worked so hard to become!



I have over fourteen years of experience as a fashion stylist and image branding. Working in retail, marketing, public relations, and studio production is second nature. Having worn many hats, managing projects for brands, designers, publications, organizations, and celebrity clients. I built a passion into a career and it brings me great joy!