There is something magical about creating visual art. Dreaming up a vision, finding the perfect location, sourcing wardrobe, props, and bringing together a group of creative individuals in collaboration, is my idea of a fun time!

And to get all Marie Kondo, it brings me so much joy to work with others on creative projects. To the point where the joy gets captured on camera. Which is why I'm sharing these wonderful behind the scenes photos from a recent production on a beach in California for client Sacred Quilt, Karen Gloeggler. The team included Studio Luniste, lead photographer Efren Beltran, make-up artist Angelina Varela, and model Lecia Fox. 

For me, this is where my career started, on a photo shoot, while studying Fashion Styling in London, England. Which led to dressing models during London Fashion for a dozen designer fashion shows. Which snowballed from there once I returned to the West Coast. I dove straight in while finishing my degree in Textile and Clothing, Emphasis in Fashion Merchandising from Seattle Pacific University. I became the Fashion Group president and began producing photo shoots, fashion shows, and conducting video interviews at big events. A year later I landed in Hollywood and the rest can be found in the pages of this website. (Well, some of the best from over a decade of client work.) Designed using WIX, a platform I've worked with for many years and I highly recommend to e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses.

What I provide today is an opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to launch or relaunch their brand, services, and/or products. I provide agency knowledge and resources without agency pricing. Furthermore, as an advocate for conscious and sustainable style, I provide creative direction and styling services to individuals in the ethical, organic, resale, and upcycle markets, conscious about finding better ways to protect the planet and human rights. I keep up-to-date on what's happening in technology and culture.


Today's markets are shifting incredibly fast and to compete with big business, small business needs allies in doing the same (or better quality work) for a fraction of the price. As freelance professionals with over a decade of experience, my colleagues and I can help you solve your branding and marketing headaches so you can focus on doing what brings you joy!

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